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June 2011

Message from the President, D.J. Grothe

Photo of D.J. GrotheThe Amaz!ng Meeting is just weeks away. Even though today I am a secularist, I get the same feeling about TAM that I used to get about Christmas as a child, or religious Holy Days when I was in a fringe church as a teenager. This is because TAM is a time for my kind of people to gather together: skeptics and pro-science types from around the world convene in Las Vegas for four days of celebration — of science, skepticism and the skeptics community.


I know a number of my fellow skeptics who would bristle at seeing TAM this way. Leave religion for the religious, they'd say. And I'd agree, except for the fact that fellowship and community and the other social aspects of religion are not religion per se, but only happy by-products of it. And why would I want to give that up to religion, and not experience those social and human benefits myself?

Here are six reasons I am especially happy about TAM this year.

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From James Randi: Oh, There’s Much More To Come...!

Randi's headshotFolks, I want to remind you that the dingbat using the name Harold Camping, the one who had his fellow-dingbats in a terrible dither on May 21 about his promised End-of-the-World prophecy, has – predictably! – followed the formula adopted by those other “prophets” who have offered that very same scenario down through the ages; he now explains that Jesus Christ – see Google.com – really did “arrive spiritually” on that date, but since his capricious dad (and The Donald and I wanna see the birth certificate, please!) decided to spare all life on Earth the promised five terrible months of earthquakes, hurricanes, rain, even higher gas prices and continued Schwarzenegger bulletins, the world will still be ending on October 21.

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JREF Hires Field Coordinator—Brian Thompson

Brian ThompsonTo improve the resources and expertise the JREF offers to support grassroots activists and local skeptical groups, we're proud to announce that Brian Thompson has been hired as our new Field Coordinator. Brian is a former high school teacher and producer of the comedy science podcast Amateur Scientist, who for years has used humor and entertainment to promote skepticism and critical thinking.

You can read more about him here.

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Tim Farley Appointed as New JREF Research Fellow

Tim FarleyWe’re thrilled to announce that Tim Farley has been appointed the JREF’s latest research fellow, joining Karen Stollznow and Senior Fellow Dr. Steven Novella. JREF research fellows are skeptical scholars, writers, and leaders who have been recognized by the JREF for their contribution to the skeptical movement. They contribute on a regular basis to Randi.org and produce a work of original skeptical research with the JREF’s support.

Read more about Tim Farley here.

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Apply Now for 2011 JREF Educator Grants

The JREF awards grants to educators who are inspiring a new generation of critical thinkers. Grants are not limited to traditional classroom teachers and those from museums, camps, community centers, and other informal educational institutions are encouraged to apply. We're accepting proposals for 2011 grants until July 1, so please apply or share this information with a deserving educator you know.

Here are the 2011 grant application forms and additional details.

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You've seen the headlines: Psychics taking advantage of the grief-stricken; more and more so-called miracle cures on the market; soldiers dowsing for bombs in Iraq; a resurgence of childhood diseases resulting from the anti-vaccination movement. Ignorance and credulity are everywhere and our media encourages what’s popular, not what’s right.

We need your help to create a world where everyone has access to the tools of science and critical thinking, and charlatans can’t get rich by deceiving people. You can make a difference by becoming a contributor today.

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